History of the Heartland

“In Their Own Words — History of the Heartland”

We are working on a community project and this is an invitation for you to be involved. It is called “In Their Own Words- History of the Heartland”.

We are interested in gathering the stories of your memories of Macon County or military service.  We have had several sign-up to share their memories. So far, we have met and recorded stories on individual basis but in the interest of time we are now looking to possibly do a couple of group sessions. We have identified several categories (Arts, Small Business, Restaurants, Ag, Sports, organizations, etc.) but are interested in any of your historical memories. Spouses are encouraged to share their memories as well.

History of the Heartland


Our mission is to gather as many stories as we are able and put them in both vocal and written form for eventual public consumption.  Stories of your work or life and history in Central Illinois would be welcomed. I grew up listening to family stories of WWII and then learned a lot about our rich roots in history in Central Illinois. 

If you would consider sharing any stories with us, please return this to me or email me. 

Thanks so much!

Ayn Owens   (217) 791-1385


Yes, I want to share stories!

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